Spyware Interceptor by Blue Coat Systems, Inc. 


Blue Coat Spyware Interceptor™ is an industrial-grade anti-spyware appliance for networks of up to 1000 users. Interceptor prevents known and unknown spyware while enabling legitimate applications via proven proxy technology. Interceptor’s patent-pending SCOPE™ anti-spyware engine optimizes its ten methods of protection daily to minimize the need for cleaning spyware, keyloggers and adware from your desktops.



Spyware Interceptor benefits include:

  • Affordable and effective at preventing spyware
  • Automatically updates spyware profiles, policies, and prevention techniques.
  • Backed by world-leading experts in web proxy performance and security at Blue Coat Labs™

Blue Coat’s patent-pending Spyware Catching Object Protection Engine (SCOPE) intercepts and analyzes all executable web traffic, then implements preset policy preferences to remove known, likely, or simply potential spyware. SCOPE allows viewing the non-executable portions of web pages whenever possible. SCOPE uniquely evaluates risk based on characteristics of the executable code and a comparison of the referring site to more than 8.0 million analyzed sites. SCOPE uses 10 methods of spyware prevention that can be configured with a simple GUI. SCOPE blocks known and unknown spyware both inbound and outbound, while enabling page views and legitimate applications.

Why is the spyware problem so difficult to solve?

  • Spyware is rapidly recompiled so that signature-based systems are unable to keep up with the numerous, easily generated, original spyware files from web servers, rendering signature-based approaches ineffective.
  • Packet-based systems cannot recognize the difference between appropriate executables and spyware, hence they are not accurate enough to be effective.
  • Simple URL filtering systems are binary. They block the entire web page, sometimes inhibiting legitimate business usages, or do not block at all allowing spyware downloads to the entire organization.
  • Spyware desktop cleaning utilities only report when a PC is already infected, and then only for known spyware infections. Tests show they can not completely remove 30-60% of the spyware, leading many IT professionals to simply reimage infected PC’s.

What makes Blue Coat Systems’ approach unique?

While spyware executable code changes every few days or hours, the sites that push spyware are much more constant. Once a website has taken money for pushing spyware, it is highly likely they will continue to do so. Blue Coat prevents spyware by tracking those sites known or highly likely to push spyware, and then removing the potential spyware code in downloads from those sites.

NetConnect delivers, configures and integrates Spyware Interceptor into your network.  It’s entirely transparent to you and your users.  Blue Coat’s optimized and streamlined proxy appliance delivers the best balance of spyware prevention and business process enablement for a uniquely real-world solution. Only Blue Coat Systems has the necessary combination of world-class proxy expertise (20,000+ installations) to understand Web objects, plus deep content filtering expertise (over 8.0 million web sites analyzed) required to identify known and likely spyware sources, strip out spyware downloads, yet enable needed page views. This combination delivers effective, sustainable and usable gateway spyware prevention.


NetConnect is an Authorized Spyware Interceptor Integrator. 


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