What is Business Continuity?


Business Continuity Planning is an important part of any healthy organization. Being able to maintain essential business functions in the event of a disaster. Cyber-attacks, natural disasters, fires, and other threats can all considerably effect your business’s ability to function. Loss of data can stall operations, hurt consumer confidence, cause lawsuits, and more.

How to make a business continuity plan

In order to prevent these attacks from costing your organization, here are a few steps to keep you safe:

1 Mitigate the chances of a disaster reaching your business. Have the proper cyber security procedures in-place can protect your business from avoidable interruptions.


2 Establish a back-up and replication plan that allows for quick recovery. Of course having all of your data saved is vital, but resuming business operations as quickly as possible is also an important factor.


3 Test your back-ups. Your organization can’t wait until disaster strikes to find out that data has not been replicating properly for 6 months. Your replicated data needs to be tested and the hardware needs to be within its proper life-cycle. 

Regardless of your organization’s size, NetConnect can help you establish business continuity plans and procedures to keep your organization safe.



If your company is like many organizations, your IT infrastructure progressed over time, trying to keep up with the pace of your business. Without the right kind of IT planning and careful technology management all along, your technical environment probably has gaps.

Our IT assessments provide a clear picture of your current IT infrastructure and operations. Whether faced with budget shortfalls, limited resources, aging infrastructure or an outdated strategy, our detailed assessment reports provide relevant findings and recommendations to spur meaningful organizational change.

Why Managed Services?

– Managed IT Service is typically a fixed service plan with the goal of supporting, maintaining, and improving a business’s overall IT Infrastructure. Small Businesses

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