The NetConnect Advisors Program

“Doing more with less” is more than just a goal, it’s a mandate for businesses like yours.
You need to jump on any real opportunity to get better service at a lower price for your business.

Goals – Assets – Protection – Problems – Solutions

Armed with the NetConnect GAPPS analysis, we work with you and your managers to assure that the solutions we develop truly address your needs.

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       Just because you use Cloud Computing services or have people using laptops, tablets, and smartphones, doesn’t mean your company‘s own network is any less important.

       Most companies still have primary offices, production, manufacturing, distribution, and other facilities. Users in these premises still need a connection not only for their computers but also more and more for their phones and other devices. Many of our clients are choosing to eliminate the need to spend on an internal telephone network and choosing to use Voice over IP and related telephony services to dramatically reduce costs, eliminate the cost of internal phone calls and faxes, and increase their agility at the same time.

       This means your premises still need a solid network infrastructure with routers, switches and other communications performance. Whether you’re using voice, video, conferencing, screen sharing, file transfer, or any combination of the above, NetConnect Networking Solutions make that all-important connection.

NetConnect Advisors Program for Business

Understanding – the NetConnect GAPPS approach.

       Goals – Assets – Protection – Problems – Solutions. You invest in technology to improve and advance your business. Fulfilling your vision for those investments begins with understanding your business Goals and objectives. What do you need to accomplish.
       Making the right investments means focusing on your business’ most valuable Assets – your data. Information about your customers, your products and services, your ‘secret sauce’ and your finances are the lifeblood of your business. We need to inventory them, assign a specific value to each, identify who should have access to them and who should not. Only by understanding your assets can we determine how each asset needs Protection. This especially includes safeguards against attack from within as well as from outside. Discussing specific business problems that have been challenging you enables us to prioritize and address first things first.
       Once we understand your Goals, your Assets, your Protection needs, and your current Problems we can begin to develop truly effective Solutions.


       Armed with the NetConnect GAPPS analysis, we work with you and your managers to assure that the solutions we develop truly address your needs and have the reliability, the performance, and the potential to grow your business under strong control for years to come. Once you approve your NetConnect plan the process starts to really accelerate.


       Trained and certified experts on the NetConnect team prepare every device that will be a component of your solutions infrastructure. For many of our clients these days the hardware involved doesn’t go much beyond client devices like desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and the communications gear they need to connect to the network. Many of our clients enjoy tremendous efficiencies by leveraging cloud technologies and mobility solutions. Depend upon NetConnect to specify, prepare, provision, and enable these services for you and your people.


       The most important part of any information network is the person, the user who actually gets the work done. NetConnect helps you make sure your people are completely prepared and ready to make the most out of your investments in information management and infrastructure.


With devices and services prepared, and users fully trained, NetConnect deploys your entire solution and integrates it tightly into your business processes making it part of the fabric of your company. Your people continue to take care of the business. NetConnect takes care of the technology.

Ongoing Support

       Continuing to enjoy maximum value from each solution depends completely upon the quality, the responsiveness, and the reliability of the ongoing support your people receive when problems or questions do arise. NetConnect enjoys a long-standing and well-deserved reputation for becoming part of each of our client’s business operations, delivering the same high level of support you would receive from your own internal IT department. In fact, most of our clients consider NetConnect to truly be their IT Support Department.

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