When you work in a hands-on field like construction, the various benefits of technology in your industry are often overlooked. However, as the world becomes more dependent on technology, the assistance construction IT services can provide continues to expand. From project conception to completion, communication management, information security, software security and a need to stay connected from anywhere, there are countless technologies available that can specifically cater to the demands of your business.

With overseeing your team, ensuring safety on-site and keeping up with project demands, we know managing your technology can be a difficult and daunting task. Save capital and increase productivity by working with the expert technicians at NetConnect. While you focus on project demands, let NetConnect handle the IT infrastructure necessary for your business to succeed. Here’s how we can help!

Cloud Services & Security

Between client and employee information, project information, blueprints and bid proposals, your business possesses a vast amount of sensitive data that must be stored, managed and protected. With cybersecurity security threats on the rise, you must act now to avoid security breaches that can harm data and hurt the reputation of your business. Our cloud managed IT services will assist you in organizing and maintaining your information while keeping it safe and easily retrievable in the case of a data breach.

In a competitive industry like construction, business rivals and cybercriminals are itching to gain access to your project plans and assets. Managed security services and network firewall security can provide added protection to sensitive data. These tools work to ensure that your technology isn’t susceptible to ransomware, malware or other malicious data. Our business IT solutions experts will assist you in ensuring your network operates at full capacity.

Project Management, Productivity & Communication

Working in construction comes with high client demands and thus, strict project deadlines and tight budgets. Your company and your employees must work productively and efficiently to satisfy project requirements and keep clients happy. We know meeting deadlines and customer expectations are important to your business; therefore, we provide managed IT services and software that assist you from project conception to completion.

Our team can implement and monitor tools that help you save time, track progress, provide project updates and improve project collaboration. With various stakeholders working in different locations and at different times, we can help you implement technology tools that allow you to communicate with your team from anywhere. Whether you’re onsite, at the office, or working from home, we provide your business with the software that works best for you and your team.

Construction IT Support

Working late nights, early mornings and weekends are all too familiar to those in the construction industry. This is why you need your technology working at all times, anytime and anywhere. At NetConnect, we provide 24/7 construction IT support so clients can remain confident, and you can remain on schedule. Our team of expert technicians is fully equipped to handle your technical issues.

We also understand the importance of compliance and adhering to government standards in your business. However, keeping up with compliance standards that are constantly changing is a job within itself. We rather you focus on your area of expertise, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our team will ensure you’re always in compliance with federal regulations to uphold your reputation and avoid hefty fines.

NetConnect has the insight and understanding to provide unique construction IT services specific to your industry and team, allowing you to work smarter. If you want to learn more about the specific skillset that sets NetConnect ahead of our competitors when it comes to construction IT support, contact us today! We’re ready to develop your future-forward IT infrastructure!


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