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It’s no secret that the quality of your data will heavily influence your organization’s growth, innovation, and revenue. Proper data management will provide you with everything needed to adapt to changing business trends and compete within your industry.

But how? Businesses are storing more data than ever before. Data needs to be available at all times and in many different hands. Downtime can be a disaster, costing your business thousands of dollars in both opportunity loss and operating costs.

At NetConnect, we have policies and procedures in place that promote superior data management. We want our clients to grow and thrive while we provide the most secure and disaster proof infrastructure as possible. 

Here are some tips we have developed along the way.

Data Management and Security

First and foremost, all of your data management practices need to be established with security in mind. Cyber Security cannot just be an add-on to your data infrastructure. Ransomware, Malware, Phishing, Trojans, Viruses, Spyware, and many other harmful programs used by cyber criminals can completely shut your business down.

Your security solution needs to be comprised of cutting-edge hardware, up-to-date software, enforced policies and procedures, user education, and more.

Data Management and Continuity

Your data management solution needs to be prepared for a data catastrophe. Between cyber attacks, natural disasters, and outright user error, data backup and replication should be essential parts of your infrastructure. To truly be prepared for a disaster, these backups need to be monitored and tested regularly. Any interruption of business is a problem, but losing your data entirely is a catastrophe.

Important aspects to business continuity are the frequency of backups, the ability to scale your data, and the speed at which you can recover your data.

Data Management and Your Budget

As we said before, businesses are storing more and more data than ever before. With that storage comes hardware and software costs.

Proper data management will keep costs down by keeping your data efficient through compression, deduplication, and flexibility. Through your analytics, you will be able to forecast when you need more storage and when you can operate with less storage.

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