Part Two of our Cyber Holiday Safety Series focuses on protecting your workplace. Gift card scams and money wiring scams increase this time of year and your business needs to be prepared!

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As the holiday season comes into full swing, its important to be on the lookout for cybercriminals.  With increased spending, planning, and traveling this time of year, it is easy to get caught off guard and fall for a malicious email.

Office Safety Tips

Between managing employees’ vacation schedules, sending out holiday cards, and keeping up with holiday shoppers, it can be very easy for employees to be deceived by a malicious email. Spear Phishing is on the rise this year, which means that malicious emails may be actually geared toward specific employees!

Here’s a few tips to protect your employees from causing a potential data breach:

  • Hold Cyber Safety meetings regularly. Emphasizing the importance of proper cyber hygiene may lead to your employees to follow the policies and procedures you have established.
  • Be wary of urgent emails. Hackers will try and trick employees by creating a sense of urgency behind their scams. 
  • Remind your employees that you won’t ask them to purchase any gift cards of wire funds by email. Establish a procedure that this type of operation should be confirmed either in person or by phone call.
  • Maintain multiple levels of user access. Some employees have no need to access your companies financial data. Make sure that even if they wanted to access the files that they cannot.
  • Have multiple layers of security. Firewalls, email filters, antivirus, and monitoring programs all contribute to layered security that will mitigate the threats to your business.
  • Lastly, if something doesn’t seem right please do not hesitate to contact your IT Professional. Being overly cautious may just protect your data! 


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