One of the main sources of data vulnerability is employees. When owners and executives think of data breaches, however, one of the last places they would expect would be their trusted workers. Whether its a terminated employee or a trusted manager, the vulnerabilities still exist.

Here are a few different aspects of data vulnerability when it comes to your employees:


Employee hardware is one of the more obvious points of vulnerability. Work desktops and laptops contain large amounts of your companies data. Any attack on those devices could be a liability disaster.

But there is more hardware you should be concerned about. Do your employees access any data on company or personal phones? Do they answer emails from their home computers? When it comes to hardware vulnerability, hackers won’t stop at company-only property.


Many business owners simply do not take into account what information their employees have access to. For example, in most cases does a receptionist need access to the company’s financial information or customer logs? A big part of data security is segmenting information so that the only data an employee sees is what they need to get their job done.

Unrestricted access to data means that a hacker can compromise any account on your network to steal whatever they desire.


In order to perform many tasks in the business world, your employees need to make accounts on different sites. Do you keep track of where your employees are creating accounts? Not only are you at risk of employees using their work passwords on external sites, but if they register your company for a service, you may be completely unaware they own the account.

A terminated employee who owns an account for a service that you need can be a serious headache to resolve.


Endpoint user education is one of the most important factors in your cyber security plan. Employees clicking on attachments or links that contain ransomware or malware can be costly for your business. By regularly training your employees on cyber security measures they should be taking, you actively reduce the risk of an attack on your business.


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