Offering IT support to a local government unit versus the private sector is a large assignment. At NetConnect, we are well equipped for the challenge. Companies that operate under government agencies have a large customer base with high service and support expectations plus compliance and governmental standards they must adhere to. With each of these stipulations, we know your business can’t afford to experience issues with your IT infrastructure. NetConnect works to provide you with the best housing authority IT solutions — catered specifically to the needs of your organization.

Keep reading for insights on how we can help teams like yours strengthen their IT infrastructure, improve business operations and enhance community communication.

Organization and Communication

Government work involves collaborating with individuals from various internal departments and external companies. And communicating with several individuals on various projects simultaneously can become confusing quickly. To increase business communication and collaboration, managed services can greatly benefit your team. Our managed IT services provide you with the technology needed to support your day-to-day operations.

When it comes to your data, you need processes in place to keep it secure and accessible to your team, allowing you to streamline communication and protect your business. Data migration to a cloud-based software will clean up your workspace and allow for easier storage and retrieval. Also, with the ability to combine various data sources into a single solution, accessing and recording information will become easier than ever before.

From giving you the communication tools you need to thrive, to 24/7 IT support, our experts are here to keep your team connected and improve your overall efficiency and performance.

Compliance and Security

We understand that adhering to compliance standards is imperative. However, staying compliant is a time-consuming process that can take away valuable resources and personnel from daily tasks. When you partner with NetConnect, we provide you with the tools and support needed to remain compliant and avoid unnecessary fines.

Not only do we aim to protect your business from the consequences of non-compliance, but we also want your overall technical infrastructure to remain safe. As the world becomes more fluent in technology, cases of cybercrime continue to rise, and no business is exempt from these cybersecurity threats.

There’s no room for a security breach in your business, which is why we protect our clients’ data the same way we’d protect our own. Our clients receive top-tier managed security services and network firewall security to ensure your technology isn’t susceptible to ransomware, malware or other malicious data that could harm your operations.

If you ever were to experience a data breach, our business IT solutions experts will have your back covered. We preemptively ensure your data is preserved and retrievable with cloud managed IT services, giving you peace of mind that you can get back online faster.

24/7 IT Helpdesk Support

At NetConnect, we cover all things technology so you can focus on what you do best. We provide clients with 24/7 IT helpdesk support and housing authority IT solutions that get you ahead and help you reach your goals. Monitored by experienced technicians, we reduce your team’s technology-related stress and get your back to work sooner.

Ease your worries and workload when you partner with NetConnect. We will ensure that your networks are reliable, your data is secure and recoverable, and your software is up to date. We have the tools and expertise to provide IT support that allows you and your team to work smarter. You can learn more about our housing authority IT solutions by contacting us today! We’re ready to develop your unique IT infrastructure that gives you the competitive edge you need.


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