With technology progressing rapidly, the architecture and interior design industries are discovering new ways to streamline and refine the design process at all life stages. From idea conception and initial proposals to project completion, there’s countless technologies available that cater specifically to the needs and demands of the architectural design industries. And thanks to the widespread availability of planning and conceptual technologies, designers are provided more room to innovate, create and transform the way we see modern-day architecture and design. So, what technology can architectural and interior designers use to create inspiring spaces, and how can you optimize these tools to work for your team? Here’s a few business IT solutions available for architecture and interior design companies.

Architectural Apps and Cloud Services

There are hundreds of applications and software available to implement at any life stage of a design project. Whether you’re looking for better ways to conceptualize designs for clients, communicate with your team and vendors, test design iterations or store expansive data files, you need IT support that can create a secure and dependable foundation for your business.

With all the benefits that cloud-based services and architectural apps create, network firewall security, cloud managed IT services and 24/7 IT support can make the difference between a design coming to life, or dollars flushed down the drain. These tools help to save time, record changes, enhance details and improve project collaboration and transparency. In order to reap the full benefits of architectural apps and cloud services, you’ll want a business IT solutions expert to ensure your network runs at full capacity, you have the data allowance you need to run large programs efficiently and security measures to protect against lost data and malicious actors online.

Generative Design

A key element in the architectural and interior design industries is the necessity for evolution. Design takes form, is challenged and new ways of looking at old problems or structures are brought forward. Part of this process includes generative design, which allows designers to input their design goals and specifications to discover alternative solutions through cloud computing. Even better – generative design tests and learns what does or doesn’t work to become smarter the more it’s utilized. This allows designers to elevate their original concepts, rethink their approach and harness the power of complex data and algorithms. Having generative design coupled with 24/7 IT support and managed IT services can help you to focus on the design-side of your company while your managed IT services partner maintains your operational systems.

Additive Design, Robotics and 3D Printing

One particularly exciting area of design is the way we’re implementing additive design, 3D printing and robotics in the design process. Humans and machine are integrating, and we are developing intelligent software and machinery that improves the way we design and build. Industrial scale 3D printing and Autodesk design-to-fabrication software are only the beginning of what the new wave of technology has for the design industries. However, securing this machinery is critical to keep your staff safe. Managed security services and network firewall security ensures that your technology isn’t susceptible to ransomware, malware or other malicious data that could harm your physical and technological operations. Additionally, it provides an extra layer of security to your business as you render sensitive files for clients, including blueprints.

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities

This form of technology is fantastic for collaborating with clients and creating interactive opportunities for feedback and improvements sooner than later. By utilizing these tools, your clients can better understand what the end-product would look and feel like, and better describe what they are looking to achieve from the project. This cuts costs upfront and saves time and energy on the back end by troubleshooting roadblocks sooner. Virtual, augmented and mixed reality technology solutions also help to visualize a plan in action and can help boost creative design solutions and test out new iterations prior to build.

Architectural Business IT Solutions That Work for You

When you have advanced technology on your side, you can satisfy your clients and show the world your visionary talents. However, if you want to ensure your technology remains reliable and secure without taking away from your daily time, focus or energy to address unexpected challenges, updates or errors, you’ll want to add managed IT services and managed security services to your business. But you don’t need to hire internal IT support and spend hard-earned money on a single person—that’s what NetConnect is for! Our team of expert technicians is fully equipped to handle the specific technologies associated with architectural and interior design, with certifications in ArchiOffice, AutoCAD, Bluebeam, Tekla, Deltek and Rhinoceros.

NetConnect has the insight and understanding to cultivate unique business IT solutions specific to your industry and team, allowing you to work smarter. If you want to learn more about the specific skillset that sets NetConnect ahead of our competitors when it comes to architectural and interior design IT services, contact us today! We’re ready to develop your future-forward IT infrastructure!


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