Accelerate Innovation with Engineering IT Services

Let Tech Support Your Calculations for the Future

How Do Engineering IT Services Factor into the Equation?

Engineers who are at the top of their game already know how to use technology to accomplish their primary goals at work. In fact, this demanding line of work is so dependent on technology that a single glitch can lead to a significant amount of downtime from those pulled away from a task to handle an IT problem. What you need are our engineering IT services, which guarantee that your networks are reliable, your data is secure and backed up, and your software is always licensed and up to date.

Staying ahead of the competition requires your full attention. Partnering with NetConnect means that you will have access to highly trained experts who can provide the industry-specific managed IT services you need to chart a revolutionary course into the future. Our professional technicians can solve any tech problem that comes your way, allowing your firm to operate at peak performance without losing valuable time. Open new possibilities with creative engineering IT services from NetConnect.

Strengthen your engineering IT infrastructure with help from NetConnect.

Benefits of Our Engineering IT Services  Include:


Fortified Cybersecurity


Next-Level IT Support


State-of-the-Art Software


Enhanced Network Connectivity


Secure Communication


Minimized Downtime

NetConnect is Certified in the Following Applications for the Engineering Industry:

Our Engineering IT Services Include:

Managed IT Services

Your business relies on effective technology, and effective technology relies on proper maintenance and management. Running your daily operations keeps you busy enough. Focus on your business and leave your technology tasks to NetConnect. 

Managed Security Services

Breaches in security are costly and dangerous – and cybercriminals aren’t just attacking large enterprises anymore. We understand your challenges and security issues, so we provide solutions to protect your organization from paralyzing damages.

Cloud Managed Services

Doing business in the cloud isn’t a fleeting trend anymore – it’s the standard. When you need help organizing your processes and collaboration and migrating your data to the cloud, let the NetConnect team make your transition seamless.