Housing Authority IT Services That Strengthen Your Community

Housing Authority IT Services for Your Toughest Problems

Working in an industry that never sleeps is hard enough. When you’re busy doing important work like creating affordable housing, technology should be the least of your concerns. If you’re increasingly concerned about business continuity plans, data breaches and cyberthreats, you’re not alone. NetConnect believes that the best information technology is completely transparent. You don’t see it. You don’t feel it. You don’t even think about it. It disappears completely behind the work you are doing. Not there yet? Our housing authority IT services are tailored to suit your needs and will help you keep everything in order.

As a housing authority you have a lot of data to keep track of. Whether it’s payment information or other documents you have a responsibility to keep your residents information safe and protected. NetConnect helps you with our wide range of IT services including cybersecurity and cloud backup or disaster recovery.

Finding the right IT solutions for your industry-specific problems can be challenging, especially given how quickly things change in the technological landscape. Bringing in IT experts is a strategic way to streamline processes, enhance community communication and foster a sense of connectivity. We’ve designed a fleet of secure and reliable housing authority IT services that enable you to forget about tech and stay focused on your neighborhoods.

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Benefits of Our Housing Authority IT Services Include: 


Business Continuity Planning


Affordable Managed IT Services


Enhanced Cybersecurity


Innovative IT Solutions


Responsive Tech Support


Total Transparency

Our Housing Authority IT Services Include:

housing authority it services

Managed IT Services

Your business relies on effective technology, and effective technology relies on proper maintenance and management. Running your daily operations keeps you busy enough. Focus on your business and leave your technology tasks to NetConnect. 
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Managed Security Services

Breaches in security are costly and dangerous – and cybercriminals aren’t just attacking large enterprises anymore. We understand your challenges and security issues, so we provide solutions to protect your organization from paralyzing damages.
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Cloud Managed Services

Doing business in the cloud isn’t a fleeting trend anymore – it’s the standard. When you need help organizing your processes and collaboration and migrating your data to the cloud, let the NetConnect team make your transition seamless.