Managed Security Services that keep your business safe



With more devices at our fingertips and increased reliance on technology, we are now more open than before to cyber-attacks. Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and hackers aren’t just targeting larger enterprises like they used to. Small and medium-sized businesses face the same amount of risk as an enterprise, if not more. Cybercriminals are counting on SMBs to have weaker security measurements in place, or none at all. If they’re targeting your business, their day is going to be ruined because NetConnect’s managed security services defend your business online the same way we protect our own.

In today’s fast-paced business world, cybersecurity threats are everywhere. From phishing emails to ransomware attacks, it’s more important than ever to protect your business from these threats. Managed Security Services (MSS) are an effective way to keep your business safe.


Managed Security Services (MSS) are outsourced IT services that focus on cybersecurity. MSS providers such as NetConnect offer a range of services that can help protect your business from cyber threats. These services can include firewall management, intrusion detection and prevention, vulnerability scanning, and threat analysis and response.


NetConnect has expertise in the latest cybersecurity technologies and threats. They can provide your business with the latest tools and techniques to keep your systems safe.


We offer a cost-effective way to manage your cybersecurity needs. Instead of hiring a full-time cybersecurity team, you can outsource your needs.


With MSS, you can rest assured that your systems are being monitored and protected. This can give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.


Many industries have regulatory requirements for cybersecurity. NetConnect can help ensure that your business is compliant with these regulations.


We can scale their services to meet your business’s changing needs. As your business grows, we can provide additional services and support.

Types of Managed Security Services

NetConnect offers a range of services to meet your business’ needs. Some of the most common types of MSS services include:

Firewall Management: Manage and monitor your business’s firewall to ensure that it is protecting your systems from unauthorized access.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention: Monitor your systems for signs of intrusion and respond quickly to prevent any damage.

Vulnerability Scanning: NetConnect can scan your systems for vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for how to fix them.

Threat Analysis and Response: MSS providers can analyze threats to your systems and respond quickly to prevent any damage.

We understand that there’s no room for cyberthreats in your business. That’s why we provide the managed security services you need to keep your company protected while you reach your big-picture goals. From making your data retrievable after a data disaster, to protecting your network and ensuring you’re always in compliance with federal regulations, NetConnect has your back – on the web and in real life.