Passwords, Privileges, and Actionable Information

Credentials are as good as gold to cyber-criminals. With a successful spear-phishing attack, the credentials of a privileged user can bring down an entire organization. In order to protect your business, it’s important to determine what users need to access what information, and then restrict them from accessing anything else. 

Here’s why NetConnect believes using Privilege Access Management can mitigate the damage of a cyber attack.

Why Use Privilege Access Management

It is a vital aspect of cyber security to keep track of what users have access to what applications or information. As organizations grow, the number of users and applications grow exponentially. Following all of these changes can be a serious challenge.

PAMs keep track of all users and makes it easy to perform as many changes as needed.


Having the right information in your hands can be a powerful tool to help your organization grow. But finding that information can be a chore.

Many PAMs allow customized auditing and reporting, allowing you to spot any unauthorized log-in attempts, reduce risks, and identify problem areas.

Password Management

Even if you’re following password best practices, having a PAM can ensure that your password rules are properly enforced. Mitigate the risk of a data breach with automatic password changing for all users!

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