IPS Security in New York and New Jersey

Is your network safe and protected from attack?

Are you sure?

We offer IPS Security services in New York and New Jersey. Our team of security professionals will ensure that your IT systems, processes, and people are protected against hackers, viruses and malware. IT risks need to be understood and the costs of safeguarding your assets can manageable and affordable. A network firewall is an essential component for companies that depend heavily on data systems and processes to run their businesses.

NetConnect provides you with a single integrated package of security technologies designed to stop known threats. We secure the network against threats such as intrusions, viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, adware, key loggers, malicious mobile code and other dangerous applications.

Our technology protects your organization using:

  • Certified Gateway Anti-virus and Anti-spyware
  • Cutting Edge IPS technology
  • Application Intelligence and Control
  • Content Filtering
  • 24×7 Support
  • Capture ATP

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NCTNY Security


Breaches in security are costly and dangerous. NetConnect understands the challenges to today’s business security issues and provides secure solutions to protect your company from damages.


Managed Services and
24/7 Helpdesk Support

NetConnect’s Managed Services provides day-to-day ongoing support of your IT network infrastructure and applications allowing you to focus on your business.


Backup &  Recovery

NetConnect provides the support you need to produce a highly effective, comprehensive plan that leverages cloud technology, remote server hosting, and management of wireless devices, networks and data.

NCTNY Network

IT Infrastructure

NetConnect can assist your organization to efficiently manage your IT investments. We deliver network solutions based on expert engineers, experience in the industry and proven best practices.


Cloud Computing

When you need help with organizing your business and want to protect your computers from outside threats but you’re on a strict budget, NetConnect’s cloud computing solutions can help.


Network Assessments

NetConnect provides comprehensive assessments of both IT infrastructure and IT operations. Our assessment reports provide relevant findings and recommendations to spur meaningful organizational change.

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