Managed Services

Managed Services

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NetConnect’s Managed Services provides day-to-day ongoing support of your IT network infrastructure and applications allowing you to focus on your business.

Simplify IT, making it a regular, predictable recurring expense. Eliminate sudden surprises and excess costs. Turn IT into a profit generator rather than a cost burden.

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The best information technology (IT) is completely transparent. You don’t see it, you don’t feel it, you don’t even think about it. It disappears completely behind the work that you are doing.

Managed Services Includes


Here’s why NetConnect believes in the IT Managed Services Solution.

NetConnect 24/7 Help Desk and Support

NetConnect’s Help Desk and Remote Management

There’s nothing worse than surprises when you’re managing a thriving business. Usually they come in the form of something that stops doing what it’s supposed to do, and usually at the worst possible time.

The only saving grace comes from knowing you have someone to reach out to who can resolve that problem in record time, and without asking a lot of questions.

Our NetConnect Help Desk experts are extensively trained in the use of Help Desk and Remote Management tools which enable us to solve most problems without a moment of travel time. If we do need to physically be there to correct a problem, we’re there.

Dedicated IT Support: On-Site and Remote

NetConnect only supports contracted clients, so you won’t have to wait for help. When you call to report a problem. NetConnect has all the information necessary to get someone helping you immediately. If we can’t resolve the problem using our innovative remote tools we send someone to your premises quickly to get the problem solved and get you back to full working order immediately.

Whether it’s a hardware malfunction, software glitch, or a user needing a clearer understanding of how to use something. NetConnect doesn’t waste time pointing fingers or figuring out whose problem it is. It’s OUR problem, and we’ll fix it. Our goal is to keep your business running full-time.

NetConnect Remote Network Monitoring

With secure connections between your network and NetConnect, and our Remote Management program in place, there’s “virtually” no distance between us. We’re right there with you watching your network from the NetConnect Network Operations Center around the clock every day of the year, and making sure everything is working and keeps working.

When anything from processor performance to storage capacity to the number of attempts to breach your firewall goes beyond set limits, we know about it instantly and are taking action to correct it before you ever know there’s a problem. In fact, the only time you find out you had problems is when we meet with you regularly to review reports and show you how well your network has been performing.

NetConnect Remote Network Monitoring & Management is a comprehensive service. We watch your server, your storage, your workstations, and all of the communication and security systems that keep your network connected to your suppliers, your customers, and the world.

The Complete IT as a Service Solution

For many of our clients, NetConnect provides complementary resources to their own IT personnel. Whenever they require skill sets they don’t have on their team, or extra hands to handle unusually busy periods we add the specialists they need.

NetConnect delivers a complete solution for those clients who would love to have their own IT department but cannot justify the expense. Rather than hire people they don’t fully know how to evaluate, or spend thousands on tools and training, these clients tap into the expertise, the experience, and the extensive resources that NetConnect has build over the past twenty years.

We become your IT department, and our management becomes part of your management team, discussing technology options, helping to plan for new ways to leverage technology to grow your business, and providing every support you and your people need to make information technology your ally and your competitive weapon.

Simplify IT, making it a regular, predictable recurring expense. Eliminate sudden surprises and excess costs. Turn IT into a profit generator rather than a cost burden. Ask us about the complete IT as a Service Program.

NetConnect Network Installation, Integration, & Implementation

Great performance starts with proper design, configuration and testing followed by expert installation on premise, proper integration into your network, and complete implementation including user acceptance testing. Whether you’re adding a few stations or a few hundred, a server or a server farm, trust the experience and know-how of the NetConnect team to get it done right the first time.

License Management

Software developers and providers are not taking piracy lightly, even inadvertent violations! They’re spending heavily to track, pursue and even prosecute at every opportunity.

Carefully managing your company’s software licensing doesn’t just protect you from such prosecution, it also assures you’re taking advantage of the most favorable pricing programs, using the latest versions, and benefitting from all the incentives and rewards many software companies include in their licensing programs. NetConnect stays current and familiar with all the key vendors programs and carefully audits and monitors your licensing to make sure your software is the best asset it can be.

Equipment Procurement, Installation, Integration & Maintenance

Large corporations have entire departments dedicated to procurement and deployment of new computer and communications equipment, enabling them to enjoy preferred pricing, faster delivery, and shorter wait times. Similarly, they have people in place to assure their entire installed base is properly maintained and rapidly repaired when necessary.

Mid-market and smaller companies can enjoy the same benefits when they take advantage of NetConnect Equipment Services. From helping you specify and configure each device properly, to aggressively pricing and procuring it from multiple sources, to expertly preparing, installing, maintaining and repairing your equipment, NetConnect takes the burden of equipment ownership off your plate and makes it our responsibility.

NetConnect also assists you in identifying the most cost-effective way to finance your equipment investments.