The truth is that Small Businesses have a lot to fear when it comes to Cyber Security. Any disruption that causes downtime or loss of data can absolutely turn your business upside-down.

We’ve highlighted the biggest cyber security concerns that Small Businesses should have. Hopefully your business does not have these vulnerabilities, but if you do you should promptly address the problem.


Ransomware has the power to ruin any business. Invoices, contracts, proposals, blueprints, emails, and other valuable data can be stolen from you and held at ransom.
In many situations the hackers will ask for payment in Bitcoin, an untraceable crypto-currency.
The likelihood that you will get your data back from the hackers is slim to none.

Employee Security Awareness

Many employees simply do not know many different aspects of cyber security such as what a Phishing email looks like, why you shouldn’t reuse passwords, and where hackers can steal their information.

Without any Endpoint User Education, your business is at serious risk for malware and ransomware attacks.

Stolen Passwords

Data breaches can affect your business even if it is not your own data. Your account credentials for services that your business uses can end up on the Dark Web and sold to hackers who will target your organization.

Most users will already have at least one account’s information on the Dark Web, and at the rate employees reuse their passwords, you can bet your business is at risk.

Data Backup
and Recovery

Without a comprehensive data backup and recovery plan, your business is at serious risk for disaster.

Offsite Data Replication involves the automatic creation of a copy of your business’ daily data and keeping it on a cloud server that you, or hackers, cannot touch or accidentally damage.


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