Building Design IT Solutions


Building Design IT Solutions

Fast and reliable network performance and security is crucial when working with CAD files and similar multiple gigabyte files. In order to get the most out of your architectural firm, you need a professional IT firm that will let you keep your focus where it needs to be.

Don’t worry that the next version of your design software won’t work with your machines, have peace-of-mind that NetConnect is managing your environment.

When you call to report a problem, NetConnect has all the information necessary to get someone helping you immediately.

If we can’t resolve the problem using our innovative remote tools, we send someone to your premises quickly to get the problem solved and get you back to full working order immediately.

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Architectural Software Services

Your software and applications need to properly integrate with your IT infrastructure in order for your business to operate as smoothly as possible. NetConnect understands the challenges of software compatibility and provide solutions to issues with ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiOffice, and many more.

Cyber Security

The biggest challenge to any firm is securing your network and your data. NetConnect provides this security with the processes and practices we implement to help protect your network.

Backup & Recovery

Recovery of vital data and keeping your business running in the wake of a disaster are possibilities which must be carefully planned for. NetConnect provides the support you need to produce a highly effective, comprehensive plan that leverages cloud technology, remote server hosting, and management of wireless devices, networks and data.

Budget Planning

We work with you and your CFOs to assure that the solutions we develop truly address your financial requirements. These solutions have the reliability, the performance, and the potential to grow your business under strong control for years to come.

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       “Since hiring NetConnect our concerns for cyber events have faded. NetConnect has been proactive in notifying us about potential security issues. Occasionally, we lose data due to user errors; NetConnect’s backup and recovery procedures have been invaluable in retrieving such data

-Alexander, Office Manager, Architectural Firm

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Our IT assessments provide a clear picture of your current IT infrastructure and operations. Whether faced with budget shortfalls, limited resources, aging infrastructure or an outdated strategy, our detailed assessment reports provide relevant findings and recommendations to spur meaningful organizational change.