Logistics IT Solutions


Logistics IT Solutions

       IT solutions for the logistics industry need to be specialized in comparison to many other industries. Fast and reliable network performance and security are crucial to dispatching and the handling of customer information. In order to get the most out of your business, you need a professional IT firm that will let you keep your focus where it needs to be.

       NetConnect provides a direct response to any IT situation. When you call to report a problem, NetConnect has all the information necessary to get someone helping you immediately. If we can’t resolve the problem using our innovative remote tools, we send someone to your premises quickly to get the problem solved and get you back to full working order immediately.

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Managed Services

NetConnect’s Managed Services provides day-to-day ongoing support of your IT network infrastructure and applications allowing you to focus on your business. Our high-performance, cost-effective technology solutions permits us to maintain peak operational performance of your IT network for a flat-rate fee.

Cyber Security

The biggest challenge to any firm is securing your network and your data. NetConnect provides this security with the processes and practices we implement to help protect your network.

Backup & Recovery

Recovery of vital data and keeping your business running in the wake of a disaster are possibilities which must be carefully planned for. NetConnect provides the support you need to produce a highly effective, comprehensive plan that leverages cloud technology, remote server hosting, and management of wireless devices, networks and data.

Budget Planning

We work with you and your CFOs to assure that the solutions we develop truly address your financial requirements. These solutions have the reliability, the performance, and the potential to grow your business under strong control for years to come.

Logistics Solution Partners

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        “As a customer service company ourselves, we understand the vital importance of providing top level service to clients. We have been with NetConnect for over 9 years and they have consistently exceeded our expectations when it comes to customer service. From a quick turn-around of phone calls to having a person or people on-site for major issues always makes us feel we are in the front line for them.

We have had experiences of viruses, data loss, complete outages but it always seems this company has the answer and repairs the problem as quickly as possible. One of the worst problems we had was two years ago when we were hit with ransomware. The team came in found the problem cleaned the machines and restored over 1.5TB of data overnight and we were ready for business the next morning. I believe there aren’t many IT companies that could have pulled that off.

       You cannot tell it has taken NetConnect many years to develop their skill set. They just make it look too easy.””

Maria, HR and Office Manager, Commercial

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