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SonicWall’s Annual Cyber Threat Report is always something worth reading.

SonicWall President & CEO, Bill Conner:

“We publish the annual SonicWall Cyber Threat Report to promote this communal ideology. I’m confident you’ll find this threat intelligence and research valuable in your pursuit to safeguard your own businesses, customers, networks and data.

NetConnect is a proud SonicWall Partner, and we want to empower our clients with as much information as needed to keep them secure.

Here’s a few key insights from the report!

Global Malware on the Rise

Just a few years ago, trends had indicated that malware attacks were declining. “In 2016, the industry witnessed a decline in malware volume, leading some to speculate that cybercrime was on the decline. Since then, malware attacks have increased 33.4 percent.”

SonicWall logged over 10.52 Billion malware attacks in 2018. This year is the most malware attacks the company has ever recorded. Malware attacks are continuing to evolve and expand their scope.

U.S. #1 Target

As the number of malware attacks increase, it has become clear that the United States has become the clear target. Businesses in the U.S. need to do everything they can to protect themselves.

The United States faced over 5.1 billion malware attacks in 2018, “which is nearly 50 percent of the 10.52 billion total malware attacks SonicWall recorded worldwide.”

Hidden Malware

PDFs and Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) are now being used as an attempt to get malware through your firewalls and onto your workstations. “Of the 391,689 new attack variants Capture ATP discovered in 2018, 47,073 were new PDF attacks and another 50,817 were new Office file attacks.” 

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