As an engineer, you know your industry is heavily dependent on technology. Therefore, a reliable and strong IT infrastructure is a necessity in your line of work. Most engineers know how to use technology to accomplish work goals. However, when technical issues arise and engineers are pulled away from tasks to resolve the problem, projects fall behind schedule. To remain on track and ahead of the competition, you need reliable engineering IT solutions.

At NetConnect, we work to provide you with the best engineering IT solutions to strengthen your business’ IT infrastructure. The IT services we provide are catered specifically to the needs of your industry and ensure that your networks are reliable, your data is secure and you have the business technology solutions you need to thrive. Save capital and valuable time and increase overall productivity with help from expert technicians at NetConnect.

Fortified Cybersecurity

As the world becomes more fluent in technology, cases of cybercrime continue to rise, and no business is exempt from these cybersecurity threats. We understand that there is no room for a security breach in your business. That’s why we defend our clients’ data in the same way we protect our own. NetConnect provides clients with managed security services and network firewall security that ensures that your technology doesn’t fall victim to malicious cyberattacks that could harm your physical and technological operations.

In the unfortunate case of a data breach, there is no need to worry. As business IT solutions experts, we will ensure your data is preserved and retrievable with cloud managed IT services. We’ll give you peace of mind knowing you have a dependable, speedy data backup and disaster recovery solution.

Next-Level IT Support

Our aim at NetConnect is to handle all things IT-related so you don’t have to. We want you to focus on the core goals of your business while we focus on helping you reach your tech goals with managed IT services. This is why we provide clients with 24/7 IT helpdesk support. Monitored by experienced technicians, our IT helpdesk assists in reducing downtime and eliminating IT stress for your business. No more pulling employees away from their tasks to solve IT problems. Instead, optimize your business and increase productivity by relying on our trained technicians to solve your technical issues as soon as they arise.

We also understand the importance of compliance and adhering to government standards in your industry. However, staying compliant is a time-consuming process that can take away from your intended day-to-day operations. When you partner with NetConnect, we provide you with the tools and support needed to avoid hefty fines and government audits. With managed security services like compliance management systems, we assure you are in line with imposed government regulations.

Enhanced Efficiency

A strong IT infrastructure and reliable IT support are necessary for the success of your business and can enhance the productivity and efficiency of your organization. Cloud managed IT services allow for the easy storage and retrieval of data. When you have multiple individuals working on a project, the ability to communicate with your team from anywhere is a must. We’ve selected software specific to your industry that allows you to do just that.

Our team of expert technicians is certified in several engineering programs that will save you time in planning and design, recording changes and collaborating with clients. We have business IT solutions and software that works best for you and your team as you lead us into a trailblazing future.

Engineering IT Solutions That Work for You

Advanced technology can set you apart from competitors and assist you in working toward the goals of your business and showing the world your visionary talents. To continue progressing, your technology must remain reliable and secure without taking away from your daily time and tasks to address unexpected challenges. You’ll want to add managed IT services and managed security services to your business to ensure you stay ahead of the game.

NetConnect is equipped with the tools and insight to provide unique business IT solutions specific to your industry and team, allowing you stay productive. If you want to learn more about the specific skillset that sets NetConnect ahead of our competitors concerning engineering IT services, contact us today! We’re excited to develop a future-forward IT infrastructure that works for you!


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