Email Threats constantly evolve and try to find new ways to steal your money or steal your information. A large part of Cyber Security is understanding these threats and knowing what to do when you receive an email that definitely seems suspicious.
Below we have the newest scam running that claims someone has a video of you in a very compromising situation.
This scam may even include a password that you currently use.



Credit to Twitter User @SecGuru_OTX for the screenshot

The scammer in this situation wants $2900 paid via Bitcoin to “make this go away”. Here’s a few things you should take into account when viewing an email like this:

  1. The scammer does not have any video recording of you doing anything. It is incredibly easy for a scammer to lie about a situation like this by using an email address and password found in one of the numerous data breaches the country has had over the past decade. Many users who received this email have stated the password the scammer showed was an old password they have not used in years. 
  2. Never pay a scammer. The scammer in this example requested a Bitcoin payment because Bitcoin is incredibly difficult to track. If you give these scammers any kind of payment, you are most likely never going to get that money back. 
  3. Just to be safe, change that password. If the password you see in the email is a password you currently use, change your password immediately. This scammer may not use it for anything, but any hacker may also have your credentials.


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