Managed IT Service is typically a fixed service plan with the goal of supporting, maintaining, and improving a business’s overall IT Infrastructure. Small Businesses that are budget conscious may not see the inherent value of a managed services contract, and may opt to work with a more break-fix service solution thinking it will save costs.

Here’s why NetConnect believes in the IT Managed Service Solution.

Reduced Downtime

When hiring a break-fix IT provider, the provider has little incentive to get your network running as soon as possible. While your network is down, your business cannot fully operate and you will continue to incur losses. The technicians have no incentive to respond quickly to your IT needs.

With a Managed Service Provider, a monthly contract ensures that your uptime is priority. Response time expectations are set between provider and client.


Break-fix IT Support providers typically do not provide their customers with the latest IT support tools because there is no benefit for them.

Managed Service Providers use a wide variety of tools for network monitoring, remote management, cyber security, and more.


Security is not a main concern when there is no contract for an IT provider. They’re not running your network, they just fix problems when they occur. There is no incentive for the network to be secure.

Managed Service Providers pride themselves on the security of the networks they support. A good MSP will establish security best practices, user defined roles, and cyber security education to mitigate the chance of a security incident.

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