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While many business owners are aware of the end of Windows 7 support, another Windows product is also on its way out. Windows Server 2008 is still widely used for many server needs.

Extended support for Windows Server and SQL Server is ending – meaning Microsoft will no longer release security updates. 

  • Extended support for SQL Server 2008/2008 R2 ends July 9, 2019

  • Extended support for Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 January 14, 2020

Do you have servers still running Windows Server 2008? Here are your options.

Upgrading your Server

Upgrading your server is not nearly as simple as upgrading workstations from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Depending on what you are using the server for, it can be a vital piece of your network. Proper planning must included backups, testing and downtime.

Replacing your Server

If you’re running Windows Server 2008, there’s a good chance that your hardware is also past its End of Life date. Don’t waste time and money on a server upgrade for a server that may fail on you with 1-2 years!

Making the Move

 Here’s a few things to keep in mind with upgrading or replacing your server:

  • Hardware Check – What are the system requirements of the Windows Server version you are upgrading to? Can your server handle an upgrade?
  • IT Infrastructure Assessment – If you’re replacing or upgrading your server, are there other devices on the network that need to be reconfigured or replaced?
  • Legacy Program Evaluation – Are there any programs you are currently running on your server that are not compatible with newer operating systems?
  • Incremental Migration – If you have multiple servers on your network, upgrading can be a much longer process depending on what role these servers play in your environment.

Need help migrating your servers? NetConnect can help!

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